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American whiskey tasting

Well that was something.

To conclude our "Whiskies of the World" tasting series - which had previously included a focus on Irish whiskies, Scotch and then other regional offerings - we hit up the United States and took a tour around some classic American whiskies.

From our secret base in the Pool Room shebeen, we gathered and enjoyed the drinks and conversations over a range of whiskies. The range included some old favourites like Jack Daniels famous Old No.7, to Maker's Mark and finally some highly-rated drinks.

As always, we started with a glass of Jameson to set our taste buds and to toast the evening ahead, and this was followed up with tastings of:

  • Jack Daniel's Old No.7

  • Maker's Mark

  • Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon

  • Knob Creek Bourbon

  • Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select

  • Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon

  • Eagle Rare 10-year old

  • Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch

While the individual tastes varied quite a lot within the tasters, Knob Creek and Eagle Rare 10-year old scored well.

Following the tasting, the tasters retired to Browne's lounge for some refreshments and to discuss the drinks in even more detail.

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