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Bushmills’ Caribbean Rum Cask Finish

This whiskey is part of the Bushmills Cask Finish range; at the time of writing this only also included the American Oak Cask Finish but with more releases expected.

The Bushmills range is now their malts – 10, 16, 21 years old; the Causeway collection – 1995 Marsala and 2011 Sauternes; their blends which includes the original and Black Bush; and now the Cask Finish range. When compared with other large distilleries, the variation in range is quite modest, truthfully. The distillery have clearly noted that as the Causeway collection and the Cask Finish range are recent additions to their portfolio.

I admit that when I heard of this release, it surprised me. Even to read the releases above, this one stands out. Everything else is, well, conservative in comparison. And Bushmills is a conservative distillery. At Midleton there’s the Method and Madness range for experimentation, and Teelings have experimented with different finishes and even peat and smoke.

But Caribbean Rum casks, noted for sweetness, in addition to the usual (presumably) ex-Bourbon casks which are noted for sweetness…well, it will be interesting for sure. Maybe a splash of colour, from this most traditional of distilleries.

The blurb for the whiskey suggests it’s bottled at 40% ABV and is, obviously, finished in Caribbean rum casks.

The nose is, unsurprisingly, sweet – perhaps with a touch of rum there, along with caramel and vanilla. But neither overmuch nor sickly. It’s balanced nicely with a touch of fresh apple and possibly pineapple too – a little greenness working well with the deeper tones.

Initial tastes are of a very light whiskey that brings out even more sweetness, reinforcing the nose in a pleasant and consistent way. The finish is short and has a tiny touch of bitter tannins.

This is a very consistent and “together” whiskey. The nose and the taste are very much aligned and this whiskey has a simple, tidy profile. It retails at €30 which is great value for this whiskey. It’s tasty, of good quality and has a slightly unusual flavour profile.

Review rating (Nigel) – 6.0

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