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A private tasting - Irish whiskey

Updated: Mar 29

In late October 2022, we managed to get together in "Paddy's pool room" for our first tasting. Thirteen enthusiasts gathered to enjoy six samples of Irish whiskey, plus a few bonus drams too. It was a great way to kick off the club. Our attendees were from different countries and counties, from beginner to more experienced. It was such a fun night that a second tasting was pencilled in to our diaries before the end of the tasting.

We started with the most popular Irish whiskey - Jameson - to give everyone a base taste from which to compare other whiskies. From there we took a pot still journey through Glendalough's Pot Still Irish whiskey and Powers Three Swallows, and our second half saw Jameson Blender's Dog kick us off before we meandered to Green Spot and Redbreast 12 year old whiskies.

Although personal tastes varied, the Three Swallows, Green Spot and Redbreast 12 were most popular among attendees on the night. The bonus whiskies included Paddy's "Paddy's Share" expression and Dunville's 1808 release.

Our night was polished off with a few pints in Browne's lounge where the debate continued.

This event had no cover charge with whiskies provided by club members.

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